The Quit Nits Difference

A Natural, Non-toxic Head Lice Treatment

Head lice. The words strike fear in the hearts of parents everywhere. Children are sent home from school as parents are confronted with how to treat the condition.

In 1997, Leanne Preston, single mother of three, living in Margaret River, Australia, was no different. So when one of her daughters came home from school with head lice, she was horrified to find that the leading head lice treatments contained toxic chemicals, so harmful they can be deadly. Concerned, she started researching an alternative way to get rid of head lice. By mixing essential oils, Preston discovered and patented a new natural compound, now a key active ingredient in her company’s lice product line. What resulted from months of investigation was a non-toxic head lice remedy with natural actives from the Australian bush, which proved safe and effective. During an in vitro trial, Quit Nits head lice treatments were even found to be more effective than most other treatments.

A decade later, the Quit Nits anti head lice products, which are bestsellers in Australia and in Europe, are now available at one of America’s biggest drug store chains, CVS — good news for the 6 to 12 million Americans who become infested with head lice every year and now have the option to choose an effective safe alternative to the current toxic treatments.

• Made with certified natural active ingredients originating in the Australian outback
• Non-toxic; no chemical pesticides
• Low allergy formula
• No combing of hair required
• Safe for use in pregnant and nursing mothers.