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Quit Nits FAQs

Questions about Quit Nits: I have completed the treatment but I can still see live lice in the hair. What should I do? Sometimes the treatment has not had sufficient […]

The Complete Lice Kit

A case of head lice does not mean you’ve been a neglectful parent. It simply means that your child came into contact with someone with head lice. quit Nits Complete Lice Kit provides a natural head lice treatment for you and your family.

The Complete Lice Kit contains two tubes of Advance Lice Treatment Cream and one Everyday Preventative Spray. It is scientifically proven to eliminate head lice and their eggs with the treatment cream and prevent re-infestation with the everyday preventative spray.

The Quit Nits Difference

A Natural, Non-toxic Head Lice Treatment

Head lice. The words strike fear in the hearts of parents everywhere. Children are sent home from school as parents are confronted with how to treat the condition.

Quit Nits is a natural head lice treatment without chemicals, pesticides or toxic ingredients. Read more about Quit Nits Natural Head Lice Treatment – The Quit Nits Difference!

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The Wild Child Story – Lifetime Television at 7:00-8 AM EST. & PST., 6:00-7AM CST.

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Here is a short clip promoting an appearance by Leanne Preston on the Lifetime Television show “The Balancing Act”.

Combat Lice Safely: Wild Child’s Leanne Preston Interviewed on NBC (Philadelphia) “The 10 Show”!

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Business woman and mom, Leanne Preston tells us about Quit Nits, the first line of natural products that will prevent and treat head lice and nits.

Wild Child – Duty of Care

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Wild Child founder and CEO, Leanne Preston discusses corporate responsibility.

How to De-lice your family and home!

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Print Out this Check List to Be Lice and Nit Free!

STEP 1: Lice Treatment

  • Check all household members to determine who has an infestation in their hair.
  • Spray Quit Nits Preventative Spray in the clean hair of all persons that do not have an infestation.
  • Apply Quit Nits Advance Lice Treatment on the dry hair of all affected persons.
  • Cover hair with shower cap and let treatment work for a minimum of 4 hours. Leave product on overnight for serious infestation. Remove shower cap before sleeping.

STEP 2: Home Preparation

  • Strip all beds
  • Gather all pillows (both bed and furniture) in entire house that may have been used by effected persons
  • Gather all hats and scarves that may have been used by effected persons
  • Gather all hair clips, barrettes, pony tail holders, headbands that may have been used by effected persons
  • Gather all brushes and combs in entire house
  • Gather all stuffed animals that the effected person may have played or slept with
  • Gather all used towels in household

STEP 3: Home Eradication

  • Wash all sheets, clothing, and towels in hot water and dry on high heat setting
  • Put pony tail holders and scrunchees in a laundry bag, and wash with sheets on high heat and then dry on high heat.
  • Any clothing that can not be washed, put in dryer for 30 minutes
  • Any clothing that can not be washed or dried, put in a sealed plastic bag for 48 hours.
  • Run all pillows in dryer for 30 minutes on high heat. Pillows that can not go into the dryer, put in a sealed plastic bag and leave for 48 hours.
  • Put stuffed animals in sealed plastic bags and leave for 48 hours.
  • Put all headbands, clips, barrettes, non-washable hair items in a sealed plastic bag for 48 hours.
  • Boil brushed and combs or soak in a high concentrated alcohol or bleach solution.
  • Vacuum all beds and furniture including couches, carpets and car interior. Throw away bag when finished.