“I wanted to write to you because I think your product is amazing.”

I wanted to write to you because I think your product is amazing.

We found that my daughter was infested with eggs & bugs 5 days ago. The first day I used Nix conditioner, expecting this would cure the problem. Immediately after I picked through her hair for 3 hours. I also vacuumed, washed & dried, or got rid of everything in my house. I also called the company that makes Nix and was disappointed to find out that it takes up to 72 hours to work & only kills about 80% of the eggs, leaving the bugs to run around for another 3 days, lay more eggs, & allowing the remaining 20% of eggs to hatch. I have picked through her hair for at least 1 hour every night since & 30 minutes every morning but I am still finding live bugs and some eggs. I found 19 live bugs in the last few days.

Being extremely frustrated, I went to the drug store last night & bought every product they had on the shelf, including yours. Since I couldn’t use any more chemicals in her hair for another 2 days (because you must wait at least 7 days before reapplying), I had no choice but to try your product. I didn’t know anything about it, only that it was homeopathic, which actually turned me off because I was so sure it wouldn’t work without any chemicals. I only put it on for 4 hours since she was getting upset at the thought of sleeping with it on. After I washed it out I began to pick through her hair. 90 minutes later I am sooooo excited. I had no idea that your product would actually get rid of almost every egg & kill the lice almost on the spot. I assumed it worked like the other products & would take a few days. I pulled 18 bugs just tonight & most of them were dead, which made me so excited. I thought I was crazy when I wasn’t finding many eggs & most of the bugs were dead so I read your information again and in one spot you mention that it works that way.

I feel so relieved and for the first time, I feel like this actually worked. I planned to re-apply chemicals in 2 days & use olive oil but I realize that I don’t have to do this. Life has been very frustrating and tiring during the last week because of the lice so I really can’t express how excited and relieved I am.

Also, you need to put in bigger letters, all over your product, that it kills the lice and eggs right after the treatment or shortly after for some.
Thank you so, so much for a great product!

Kristen S.