Everyday Preventive Spray

Everyday Preventative Spray

Prevent Head Lice

Quit-Nits-Spray-Application,-no-shadowThe Everyday Preventative Spray helps prevent lice infestation both prior to exposure as a proactive measure and after infestation to avoid reoccurrence

• Easy spray on application
• Non-toxic; no chemical pesticides
• Certified natural active ingredients originating in the Australian outback
• Low allergy formula
• Pleasant fragrance

We also offer Quit Nits Complete Lice Treatment Kit to eliminate head lice immediately.

The ingredients in the Everyday Preventative Spray are:

Active Ingredients:
Eucalyptus globulus 2X….lice prevention
Staphysagria 6x HPUS….head lice
Sabadilla 6x HPUS….head lice

Inactive Ingredients: aqua, polysorbate 20, acetum, alcohol, fragrance, geranium oil, simethicone, cetrimonium chloride, lavandula angustifolia, fusanus spicatus